Welcome to the Gulf International School located in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

The Gulf International School is a non-selective, co-educational, English medium school that aims at nurturing students from Kindergarten to Year 13. The school will be home to young people from the local and expatriate communities, thus creating a thriving and multicultural learning environment.

The curriculum will be formulated around the British National Curriculum with suitable modifications taking in to consideration an international mix of students and their requirements. The students at the Gulf International School will be guided by a group of highly accomplished staff, thus providing an extremely engaging and creative teacher - pupil interaction. 


Our Vision is to build a community of young learners who are:

- Confident to be creative, social, analytical, critical and logical.
- Prepared and equipped to meet the opportunities offered in a changing and complex world.
- Driven by a sense of purpose, care and responsibility toward other people and the environment.
- Understanding and respectful of the diversity of traditions in the world while maintaining their own cultural identity and values


The Gulf International School, Muscat will develop each child into a
global citizen, unafraid to dream and build a world they wish to be a part of by:

- Initiating, structuring and developing the learning process.
- Creating student-centred classrooms that cater for each child and foster independent   learning.
- Helping young people learn and grow in confidence through experience.
- Inspiring excellence in academics, arts and sports.
- Giving freedom and encouragement to each child’s creativity.
- Nurturing a spirit of team work and friendship.
- Fostering an awareness of our role in the world as humans.
- Building an intergenerational community of teachers, students and their families

Join us in building a vibrant generation of young learners.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”